Duplicate folder query

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Often while attempting to move single or even multiple files, users will accidentally drag entire folder structures and drop them and not notice where they were actually dropped.  A "duplicate folder" query would be helpful in situations like these.  Or perhaps a "duplicate folder structure" query, where one could specify the depth to search in and if a match to "x" level is found returns the path(s) of the erroneously dropped folders.

Which database do you need this for, PostgreSQL or SQL Server?

First, lets explore the duplicate folder query.
We need to define duplicate. Duplicate name, size, time/date stamps, etc? How exact does this need to be?

The simplest idea is simply to search for any duplication of the "FOLDER-A" name anywhere in the subordinate structure up to path-depth.

Secondly, the duplicate folder structure is going to have a system for defining candidates, such as once a folder is copied it can get added to at any time, so we should be able to find a match within some percentage of accuracy.

Will these ideas work for you, at least as a place to start?

The Database would be PostgreSQL

My idea behind this would be to do as you say, and search for "Folder-A" thoughout the structure. But a secondary requirement would need to be a subfolder of "Folder-A" (we'll call it "Folder-A-B") would need to be found under the 2nd instance of "Folder-A" as well. A 3rd requirement would be to have "Folder-A-B" be the same file count and file size as the the 1st instance of "Folder-A-B".

Using that logic, it should still be possible to capture folders that have only been half-copied by users. The "parent" duplicate may not be obvious, but the report would show several "child" duplicate folders, which should make it obvious that the parent is likely a duplicate

I hope that helps