Query to resolve file owner to AD Display name


I'm able to generate a report that lists a file's owner to their account name, but managment would like the report to show the actual name of the employee as that's more meaningful for them.

Right now I'm pulling this information in my query:

SELECT srs.current_fs_scandata.fullpath, srs.current_fs_scandata.filename_extension, srs.current_fs_scandata.size, srs.current_fs_scandata.owner_name, srs.current_fs_scandata.modify_time, srs.current_fs_scandata.access_time
FROM srs.current_fs_scandata

I see that there is an SRS.AD_ACCOUNT_NAME, but I'm not sure how to make that work for me in this instance. Any help would be great.

We have had several requests, for extending the data collected about a directory service object. For instance in your case collecting given name (first name), surname (last name), display name (full name), etc. Others want to collect the description attribute on groups.

Thanks---sounds good.

Any update on the query? /feature?

no update yet, but I will add another vote to the feature request.